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Common Q's

Here are some common questions we hear from our customers

  • What do you sell?
    We have a range of animal feed brands, bulk feeds, animal bedding, pasture seeds and feed supplements. Animals we feed include dogs, cats, horses, cattle, chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs, pigeons, turkeys, pheasants & more! Some popular brands we carry are Alltech, American Natural Premium, DeLong Company, Fromm, Hubbard, Kalmbach, Kent, Manna Pro, Nutrena, Prince, Smallbatch Pets, Stella & Chewy's, Tribute, Triple Crown and Vital Essentials. For bulk feeds, we sell either by the bag or by the pound. You can choose from one of our balanced, complete-feed options or customize your own feed.
  • How do I go about getting bulk feed?
    We offer two options: Pickup and Delivery. PICKUPS Call and make an appointment. Nothing is worse than showing up to get feed and having to wait hours for us to fit you in! Please call the day before or the morning of the time you prefer, and we will get you right in. Bring top-loading containers. For example, garbage bins, barrels, and open-top wagons are all top-loading. We can even fill your feed into the back of an open pickup truck, whatever works for you! If you are bringing barrels, make sure you have enough for the amount of feed you want. Just remember, you will need to unload the feed when you get home. If you do not have a forklift or another way to unload your feed, you may want to opt for having us bag it (for an extra charge) or deliver it. DELIVERIES Call in your order. We schedule our bulk feed deliveries days ahead, so please give us between 4-7 days notice to get your feed ready to deliver. Provide an appropriate place for us to bring your feed. We will deliver your bulk feed in a Class-B Auger Truck, which needs space to operate. Please make sure your location has the space, an appropriately reinforced driveway and a top-loading container for the auger arm to deposit your feed. Requirements. We have a minimum quantity for deliveries and flat delivery charges depending on your location. Please contact us regarding these details, and we can get your feed started!
  • Do you accept Apple Pay?
    We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, American Express, Debit cards and of course, good old cash and checks! Our only hiccup is, if your Apple Pay or Google Pay is linked with a Debit card, it will sometimes not be accepted. Please bring a backup plan just in case!
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes we do! For Pets: We are soon going to offer a drop-off option for pet food purchased on our website! Delivery will be $5 and will be dropped off between 1-5 days after purchase. For stock Animals and Horses: Whether you want bags of feed, shavings or feed in bulk, we have options for you, with local bagged deliveries starting at $25. Call us to see what options are available for your location! 815-923-4422
  • Do you sell hay?
    We do not sell bales of hay at this time. However, we do have some helpful options: Triple Crown Forage Bags: Either Stress-Free, Grass-Forage, or Safe-Starch options are available. Hay Cubes or Pellets: We have Timothy Pellets, Timothy Cubes, Alfalfa Pellets, Alfalfa Cubes, and Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes. Hay Extender Pellets: For those supplementing low-quality or low-quantity hay, Tribute offers a Hay Extender Pellet to round out your horses' diet needs. Local Farmers: Local farmers will usually place an ad on our business board if they have hay to sell. Stop by and check it out if you are in need!
  • When is your Shavings Sale?
    On the second Friday and Saturday every month, we have an animal bedding sale. For a list of sale dates this year, click here.
  • How do I sign up for Shavings Sale emails?
    We have an animal bedding sale two days a month! It's the second Friday & Saturday of every month, falling on either the 2nd or 3rd weekend monthly. In our emails, you can receive reminders, special promotions, and helpful information appropriate to the season! To sign up, go to the bottom of the webpage and type in your email address. Or, you can email a request at
  • Can I bring my dog in the store?
    We gladly welcome friendly dogs on leashes to our store! If you stop by with your pet, we can offer one of our excellent treats for him to enjoy! If you prefer to leave your dog in the car, let us know! We will still offer a treat you can give your precious pup.
  • Do you have a parking lot?
    Our lot is either gravel, concrete or blacktop, depending on where you drive in and out. There are no parking spots, so just find a place that feels right!
  • Did I just see a chicken?
    Yes, you did! Union Feeds' managers maintain a small happy flock on the property that eat Cashton organic layer feed and roam all day. If they are in the driveway, please drive slowly so they have time to move :) We also have 2 very well-cared for orange barn cats that roam around. If you see Frannie or Peaches, say hello!
  • Is grain-free dog food unhealthy?
    Studies show that poorly balanced dog foods do not have enough amino acids, such as taurine, an essential amino acid to strengthen the heart muscle. On the surface, it appeared that grain-free dog foods led to enlarged hearts and heart failure. What actually led to these problems were basically two factors: 1) Too much plant protein in the diet. Some recipes, even from large name-brands, were cutting costs by replacing meat protein with plant proteins. Only meat proteins have amino acids like Taurine to help properly develop and maintain heart health. 2) A High quantity of legumes in the recipe. While this is still a matter of study, some have reached the conclusion that a diet rich in legumes (such as green peas) blocks the absorption of heart-healthy amino acids. What Should You Do? Some recommend getting a recipe that either supplements with taurine (seen in the ingredient list). You could also opt for a recipe that has less legumes or is legume-free. Quality-made grain-free dog foods are not your enemy. They can be incredibly helpful when you have a dog or cat with skin sensitivities, loose stools or allergies to certain ingredients. We keep a variety of grain-free and grain-inclusive diets in stock for everyone's needs!
  • Are grains bad for my dog to eat?
    In short, no! Grains can be very beneficial in providing vitamins and minerals to your dogs' diet. Some grains, like pearled barley, oatmeal, brown rice and white rice can help with digestions, bowel regularity, regulate blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease. It's good to be selective and control the amount of grain a dog eats. Too much grain can cause vomiting, diarrhea or weight gain. If your dog has sensitivities or allergies to grains, you should eliminate them from the diet. SOME GRAINS TO AVOID: Generally speaking, some grains provide little to no benefits, commonly referred to as "filler" ingredients. Grains like corn, wheat and soy are known to be inflammatory to the gut and have little absorption, contributing only to gastrointestinal issues and larger stools. If your dog is not allergic or sensitive to healthy grains, pick a recipe that includes them for optimal health. The first ingredients should ideally be meats for a balanced diet.
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